Darcy Pederson

President Business Agent
(306) 241-3072

  Started my carreer with The City Of saskatoon in 2004 as an Operator at Access Transit. Became Access Transits first Executive Board Rep and Joined the Bargaining Committee, Transferred to Conventional Transit in 2007 stayed on as Access Transit Rep and also took on the role of Operations Rep for Conventional Transit and Chair of The Productivity/Signup Committee. In 2009 succesfully ran for the position of Financial Secretary and also took on the role of Chief Shop Steward and held the positions for four consecutive terms. In 2020 began my frist term as  President Business Agent of ATU Local 615. In less than a year and in a pandemic time, succesfully negotiated a Collective Agreement with wage increases in a time when most unions are facing rollback, cuts and layoffs. Succesfully lobbied City Council to provide assault shields in Saskatoon Transits existing fleet and future bus purchases.