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ATU Local 615 President Darcy Pederson has been calling on Saskatoon Transit to retrotfit the City Of Saskatoon buses with protect

Four days after Saskatoon city councillors unanimously voted for an investigation into why there have been 

Saskatoon’s transit union is signalling a growing concern with the public transit system.

The union representing Saskatoon Transit workers is criticizing the service’s management in light of frequent disruptions this winter.

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Widespread cancellations and disruptions with Saskatoon Transit are a result of poor maintenance and a lack of investment, according to the head of Canada’s largest transit union.

The city bus service has become completely unreliable, according to Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Canada national president John Di Nino. On some days, there are dozens of cancellations.

The union representing Saskatoon's transit drivers is calling on the city to bring in security officers to enforce the mandatory mask rule.

The union representing Saskatoon’s transit drivers wants the city to bring in security officers to enforce the mandatory mask rule.

SASKATOON -- Saskatoon’s transit union would like to see help for drivers who encounter riders not willing to comply with the City of Saskatoon's mask mandate on city buses.

"Our operators feel like they have been left to fend for themselves," said Amalgamated Transit Union Local 615 president and business agent Darcy Pederson. "They’re stressed out, tensions are high, we’re getting worn out."

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