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ATU Local 615 President Darcy Pederson has been calling on Saskatoon Transit to retrotfit the City Of Saskatoon buses with protect

ATU Local 615 is the latest group to call for access to vaccines in the second phase of the province's mass immunization campaign.

President of Local 615 of the Amalgamated Transit Union, Darcy Pederson, is calling upon the Moe government to give priority vaccine access to transit workers as the government announced its

The drivers' union has long called for more protection for its members; 28 assaults on drivers were reported over the last three years.

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The drivers' union has long called for more protection for its members; 28 assaults on drivers were reported over the last three years.

Saskatoon city bus drivers are set to receive the protection from violent passengers their union has long been calling for.

City council voted unanimously in favour of allocating $500,000 to begin outfitting buses with enclosed driver compartments. The goal is to find more money to retrofit the entire fleet of 140 vehicles beginning in 2022.

The union representing bus drivers says compliance with the mask rule is as low as 50 per cent on some routes.

Masks have been required on Saskatoon Transit buses for almost two months, but not everyone is donning a face covering before paying their fare and taking their seat.

Now, with COVID-19 cases spiking, the union representing the city’s bus drivers and a grassroots passenger group say more should be done to enforce the rule.

Under the policy, city hall will concentrate on "educating and informing" the public while Saskatoon Transit staff will monitor and document compliance.

Darcy Pederson says he welcomes a new policy requiring everyone riding city buses to wear non-medical face masks — and that the drivers he represents will not be tasked with enforcing it.

“Operators not enforcing it is great as it will only cause conflict, and that’s the last thing we want,” the president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 615 said Monday afternoon.

Councillors also back continuing to recommend, but not requiring masks, at city-owned buildings

Saskatoon city councillors have preliminarily backed the idea of mandating masks for Saskatoon Transit riders starting on Sept. 1.

The city had laid out three options and recommended option two, which would mandate masks on buses.

That option also has the city continuing to recommend that people wear masks when they visit such city-owned facilities as Shaw Centre and the Lawson, Cosmo and Lakewood civic centres. 

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