April 1st 2020 Covid 19 Update

Me like the rest of you were probably hoping someone would jump out and yell April Fools, unfortunately that didn’t happen so the fight must go on against Covid 19!

We currently have 3 section 3-31’s outstanding that the province has yet to address but will be in the upcoming weeks, there now has been 2 section 3-31’s that have been denied by the province and is currently being appealed.

Yesterday I mentioned that maintenance was asking to not move the straps from the first set of front facing seats, it was brought to my attention that some of the supervisors were moving the straps, the message of not moving the straps will be relayed to all supervisors.

Supervisors have been riding the buses to help control the amount of passengers on the bus and to educate the passengers on social distancing, however when not dealing with passengers the supervisors have been engaging in conversation with the operators standing almost right next to them, the supervisor group will be directed to not do this and practice social distancing.

Starting tonight you will start to see signs on the seats of the buses closing seats down to help control loads and social distancing, these signs will take a few days to get into the buses be patient as crews are working hard to get this done.

The issue of some routes not having washroom facilities after 8pm has been brought up and we’re working with businesses to find a suitable place that will allow us to use their facilities.

Starting tomorrow April 2nd buses will not be entering Place Riel, or the UofS, except the 13’s will still service Innovation Place. Make sure you check your paddle! As well changes can be found at this link:


Remember to stay safe and stay strong, we’ll get through this!!

Your Executive Board