April 22nd 2020 Covid 19 Update

We all heard Scott Moe saying in tonight’s message we will be reopening Saskatchewan but doing it slowly and it sounded like it was going to come slowly in phases starting sometime in May, we still need to be cautious and continue with what we’re doing so don’t let your guard down there was 6 more cases today.

We had some discussions again today with the employer on some of the issues that have been coming up.

We signed an MOA in regard to ATU members that are cleaning buses and our ability to have a chance at some of the more premium shifts and hours over the Cupe 59 members, hopefully we’ll have more info on how this will roll out by the end of the week.

We’re still looking at doing a social distancing stuff the bus and this will more than likely happen sometime in May, we’re still sorting out the details.

We discussed having an official process on loading wheelchairs during this Covid 19 period, this will be put together and get sent out as soon as it’s done.

The issue of widening the detour on Idylwyld Dr so that a bus with a bike on the bike rack can fit throughly they detour safely, if you get a bike on 8th street and don’t feel comfortable going through the detour on the bridge inbound call a supervisor and let them know ASAP.

Supervisors loading passengers while operators are away, is this still happening and is it causing any issues?

With today’s news it’s made me feel a bit more hopeful that eventually this will be all over and life can get back to some sort of normal.

Your Executive Board