April 24th 2020 Covid 19 Update

There was 10 new cases reported today and my understanding is that most of them are from a nursing home in the north, let’s hope they get it contained and everyone is all right.

A couple quick updates:

If your bus isn’t getting cleaned by the DT cleaners, or you might want to get an area cleaned where someone was coughing or sneezing or maybe your doing a seat slide and you would like a quick wipe down, the DT cleaning crew will have a radio and they’ll be on Charter 1 so give them a call if you need to.

The new lounge area in the downtown terminal has been having water pressure issues, I’m told this this is being looked into. Yesterday someone ripped the soap dispenser off the wall and it’s still missing, let’s be mindful of our co workers we need that soap to keep ourselves from catching this nasty Covid 19.

We’re currently working on a signup for our cleaners, it’s nearly done I’m hoping they can sign on to it sometime next week.

The City has started to implement stations at the front of work areas requiring those that are coming to work to fill out a fit for duty form with questions about Covid 19 symptoms, we haven’t seen the form but when we do I’m sure we’ll have more questions like what happens if someone is displaying a symptom or two, are they sent home, are they sent for testing and how are they paid?

I just want to remind everyone to keep using your PPE and keep up the social distancing this is the time that we need to not let our guard down and keep flattening the curve!!

Have A Great Weekend!

Your Executive Board