April 27th 2020 Covid 19 Update

There was 12 more cases and a death today, 11 of those cases were in the far north as well as the death was an 80 year old elder, let’s hope the government can get a handle on this and quickly!

The employer didn’t have much for an update today we did speak about the fit for duty form and how that works, they didn’t have many answers for the questions we have hopefully we’ll get some answers at our next meeting, they did think the forms would start sometime this week, we suggested they hold off until we have answers to our questions.

We spoke about moving tool boxes for maintenance when a signup changes, they agreed to 1 hour paid time and a city vehicle to move tool boxes when a signup change takes place.

I’m currently working on a press release with ATU Canada to address the non destination riders and the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, I’m hoping that will be done in the next few days.

Remember we need to keep vigilant with social distancing, and wearing our PPE, this will keep us and our families safe.

Your Executive Board