April 28th 2020 Covid 19 Update

We had one new case in the Regina area today, let’s hope this keeps up and we’re keep having good days like this!

We spent most of the afternoon discussing the voluntary layoffs, redeployment and putting together an MOA and going back and forth on the wording, nothing has been signed off or agreed to yet, I know the employer didn’t like some of our asks but we’ll see where this ends up.

We had some discussions with ATU International Rep John Callahan in regard to the Fit For Duty Form, he suggested the form itself is a good idea and will help to keep the workplace safe from Covid 19, and also suggested a few more questions to ask of the employer.

We moved our daily meetings with the employer to Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 14:00, so please any concerns get them to us and we’ll bring them up.

How are the loads on your bus with the nice weather are you getting busier? We need to monitor this so adjustments can be made.

Please remember to be vigilant with social distancing and wearing your provider PPE, we need to keep ourselves safe and healthy.

Your Executive Board