April 29th 2020 Covid 19 Update

Well in saskatoon we had 1 more case, but up north and in Loyd they had a total of 16 new cases let’s hope they get these under control and maintained.

We got another shipment of masks in from our donor who told us more should be coming in a couple weeks, we’re very thankful for these donations!

The employer ordered reusable/washable masks that should be in by Friday.

We discussed the plan to re-open Saskatchewan and re-open transit, the employer hasn’t gotten into this plan to far we indicated we want to be a part of it, McDonald wasn’t on the call so we’ll follow up with him on Friday.

The province is reopening Saskatchewan now is the time for us to be vigilant in all our social distancing, wearing PPE and limiting our loads, if your experiencing heavier loads than normal or leaving passengers behind please let us know ASAP.

Your Executive Board