April 2nd 2020 Covid 19 Update

Today sadly we pushed past 200 Covid 19 cases, we do have 34 recoveries which is great news!

Across Canada and The United States we have approximately 260 members infected with Covid 19, we are also up to 6 deaths due to this virus.

We had discussions with the employer on the signs placed on the seats, Skip The Seats they call it, and the close proximity they are to each other, we’ve asked them to reconsider the placement of these signs and respect the 6.5 feet social distancing, they agreed and will revisit the positioning of the signs. They want to look at what other properties are doing. We will be providing them info as well.

Bathrooms are becoming very scarce, if you can’t find one you’re able to go off route or to the Downtown Terminal just let a supervisor know.

Please remember we’re all in this together we’ll get through this together, stay safe everyone!

You’re Executive Board