April 30th 2020 Covid 19 Update

Today we had 6 new cases only two were from Saskatoon so we’re holding strong let’s keep this going!

Today we met with the HR, The City Manager and The Mayor we discussed several items of concern with the reopening of Saskatchewan phase 1 taking place on Monday, we spoke of increasing service to accommodate the influx of passengers, they want to wait and see, if we need to increase we’ll increase as needed, they were adimit that we are to stick to the 10 people in a bus at a time, if we leave people we leave people we just have to follow the process when doing so. We discussed the issues of joy riders and the issues that’s causing and we’re looking at different solutions to the issue. It was brought up about passengers having to wear masks or they don’t ride and they said when we go to increase the number of passengers this could be an option that may take place.

We also discussed the voluntary lay-off MOA and the cleaners signup I’m hoping to have more info on this tomorrow.

Remember tomorrow at the COC Tim Cotts will be having his retirement doughnut day, please come by and congratulate him on 35 years service!!!

Congrats Tim!!

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