April 3rd 2020 Covid 19 Update

We were able to coordinate with Lucky Bastard Distillers this week and acquired some fresh off the still hand sanitizer, we searched the city for spritzer containers to hold the sanitizer but came up empty handed, we were able to get some containers shipped in, we got them labeled and filled and out all in one day, these spritzer bottles should’ve been what the employer used, when they first put them in the buses we suggested the spritzer bottles, but they said this all they could find, within the city we couldn’t find them either but once we looked a bit harder it was pretty easy to find them. Anyway these containers work great and use much less then what the employer put sanitizer in.

We also went out and got some prices on 200 use reusable, washable masks for all our members, we found them as low as $4.75, they are not hospital grade masks but they do cover your nose and mouth, we 
sent the info to the employer and asked them to purchase the masks and we will follow up with them on Monday.

If you don’t see gloves at dispatch get a hold of a supervisor and let them know right away!

When your doing your morning circle check, make sure you look at your hand sanitizer bottle that’s in the bus if it’s empty call 104 if they can’t come refill it call a supervisor before you leave.

Gloves and Sanitizer are must haves before we leave the garage.

Access transit gloves are available if not let a supervisor know they’re all out, hand sanitizer will start being refilled, the employer said the spray bottles was sufficient we disagreed and they’ll be now refilling the hand sanitizer.

We brought up the issue of supervisors loading passengers while we’re away we told them this needs to stop and passengers should only be loaded when operators are around, they didn’t have much to say on this but we’ll follow up with them on Monday.

We brought up cleaning in the terminal at night, they’re looking at availability of workers to do this cleaning.

Many of us have had our lives literally turned upside down with this crazy Covid 19, that includes your Executive please be patient with us we’re doing everything we can to keep our members safe and working, we’re here for you and you’ve been there for us and we’ll get through this!

You’re Executive Board