April 7th Covid 19 Update

We had 7 new cases today but 7 recoveries things are looking positive let’s hope this keeps up!

We had more discussions with the employer today on concerns that have been brought up.

Strap placement must be on the first set of front facing seats behind the wheel chair spots on the top handrail, if you find the straps in another position move them to the proper position on the first set of front facing seats, if there on the floor or on a seat or the wheel well you DO NOT have to call 104 to place them for you, this message has gone out to the supervisors as well to avoid any confusion.

Positioning of the Social Distancing Sign will be lowered your allow the ability to view passengers and the back door.

Checklists for sanitizing, we suggested a checklist with a sign off spot showing the date and time the bus was sanitized, they’re getting back to us.

Change over procedure for busses that have had a suspected Covid 19 patient in it is being put together so all staff especially maintenance know how to deal with a change over.

We have confirmed with the employer that 2000 masks have been ordered and will start arriving late next week and will be dispersed as they come in.

The employer has created signage that you will start seeing as early as tonight, the sign states STOP COVID 19 and asks two questions #1 Have you had contact with someone who has Covid 19? #2 Do you have a cough, fever or shortness of breath? If you answered YES to either question DO NOT ENTER. These will be placed on the glass of the back door and are meant to be followed.

You may have noticed the Cupe 59 members cleaning buses in the Downtown Terminal again I’m hoping to get more brought in so we can get those buses that aren’t making it to the Downtown Terminal.

The issue of the homeless and vulnerable people on the busses causing issues at night will be addressed with more supervisors on at night, they are currently going through some scheduling changes and you should be seeing more supervisors at night so they they can deal with these “joy riders”

We’re making lots of progress with these people so keep those concerns and issues coming so we can make sure we get to everyone’s concerns.

Your Executive Board