April 8th 2020 Covid 19 Update

Well as most of you heard we have had 11 new cases but 15 recoveries that’s still great news!!

Today with the employer we discussed supervisors loading passengers while the operator is out of the bus, we told them this needs to stop, they didn’t understand why the supervisors were doing this and they were going to find out.

We discussed the buses being ridden by “joy riders” and the homeless and this needs to be addressed and that it’s happening not only at night but during the day, the supervisors shifts are being reassigned so they can get out and help deal with the issue, if this is going on let a supervisor know right away!

We brought up the concern of the night guys starting a shift and the sanitizer bottle on the bus being empty because the bus has been out all day, if this takes place call a supervisor and request more.

The Skip The Seats signs were brought up and the 6.5 feet social distancing, we requested the seats be an actual 6.5 feet apart as per all the signs they have put out, and we requested the buses that don’t have signs get them ASAP, so if you don’t have the signs let us know the bus number.

ATU International is Announcing the ATU COVID-19 Command and Response Hotlines! 

These hotlines serve as a place rank-and-file ATU members can get more information on the union’s response to COVID-19 and leave messages. Any messages will be followed up on by an ATU organizer or representative as soon as possible.

The hotline number is: 855-641-7946
The email address is: [email protected]

Please everyone stay safe and stay healthy, we’re in this together and we’ll get through this together!!

Your Executive Board