April 9th 2020 Covid 19 Update

Today we had 7 new case and 12 recoveries, maybe just maybe we’re flattening the curve, I just hope people are staying isolated this Easter weekend and not going out to events with people other than those in your household.

We had discussions with the employer about the concerns we’re hearing that are coming up.

We discussed the increased volume of riders that are homeless or intoxicated and “joy riding” and causing problem on the buses, Police will be having more of a presence in and around the downtown terminal, DO NOT engage these people call a supervisor or police and let them deal with it, you’re only putting yourself at risk, we may also be seeing new riders that you haven’t seen riding the bus before these may be people that are going to work, if not let a supervisor know, we are at the point where only essential rides should be taking place if not report it right away.

Also to help with the people accumulating and causing trouble in the downtown terminal you will see benches start coming out as early as next Tuesday.

The cleaners in the downtown terminal will still be cleaning over the weekend and we suggested they be given a radio so if you’ve been missed or are coming in for a seat slide you can contact the cleaners and let them know, this sounds like it’ll start next week we’re just waiting to hear back.

Masks have been confirmed to start arriving next week, Access Transit has been provided masks because of the close contact they come in with wheel chairs on every trip, for conventional if you need to load a wheel chair before your mask arrives, ask the patron to wait until you leave the bus, lower the bus, put out the ramp, vacate your seat and leave the bus if you don’t feel comfortable with strapping down the wheel chair call a supervisor immediately we don’t want anyone being put into a risky situation.

We discussed the opening of the uniform office for those that want to purchase driving gloves, they’re going to let us know if this can be done as the current uniform office clerk cannot come in due to health concerns.

Maintenance staff when coming into work or leaving work don’t congregate in the change room or lunch room only, if you need to wait outside to help with crowding before you change for work/home do so, if you are 5-10 minutes late because of this so be it, we have told the employer this is our expectation and they agree, we don’t want anyone getting sick!

This goes for operators as well SOCIAL DISTANCE when in the lunchroom at the COC.

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Easter weekend, remember as hard as it will be to do please keep social distancing, we’re going to get through this and we’re going to do it together!

Your Executive Board