Effective Monday March 23rd 2020

Some Route 13’s and 17’s will be taken off the road, those operators that have a 13 or 17 as part or all of your work you will be given either a standby if it’s just a portion of your day, if the work is your entire day you will be given a spareboard window within your time frame so you still need to report as per your current work.


17- 3, 17-5, 17-6, 17-7 are cancelled
17-1, 17-2 are still in service
13-4, 13-5, 13-6 are cancelled
13-1, 13-2, 13-3 are not cancelled

Extras Are Being Reviewed Please Show Up If You Have An Extra As Part Of Your Day, those that have an extra as part of your day you will be given a standby, you will still need to report at your regular time.