Import Information Please Read!!

In regard to the Vinyl Barriers better known as the “shower curtains”

Atu drove the bus that had a prototype innstalled in it, the vinyl barrier covered the entire drivers compartment and you were able to see the mirror with no issues, during this test drive Atu made the comment that we have several different driver compartment setups and there will have to be different measurements taken for all the different styles we have, the response was yes that’s the plan.

To be clear what Atu agreed to was the prototype and this is not what’s being installed,they seem smaller and of a thinner material.
And to further that we have not agreed to them being mandatory today’s memo is the first we’ve heard of them being mandatory.

As most of you have seen these things are not going to work, we need each of you to fill out an OHS concern on these and a defect in your defect book, we are contacting SGI and the Highway Traffic Board to get some feedback and determine what can be done about this issue.

The employer has stated that SGI is only concerned if we can see the mirror or not, in a typical SGI safety of you have a sticker on the door it fails the safety so stay tuned we’ll see how this thing plays out.