March 20th 2020 Covid 19 Update

I’d like to thank the executive board who have been very supportive through all this, we’ve had several meetings with the employer and our international rep.

We were able to convince the employer to allow those that have masks to wear masks as long as they don’t obstruct your vision, as well to minimize the loads the buses carry to 50% of the seated capacity, a new law has been put in place so make sure you are not carrying more than 25 people including yourself within the bus at any given time.

Access Transit Operators, Dispatch and Conventional Operators will be having an emergency signup as early as Sunday, thanks to Al Holmes for keeping the conventional signup looking pretty decent. We will know more tomorrow on when we start singing on.

There are a few changes coming in on Monday March 23rd

17- 3, 17-5, 17-6, 17-7 are cancelled

17-1, 17-2 are still in service

13-4, 13-5, 13-6 are cancelled

13-1, 13-2, 13-3 are not cancelled

Extras Are Being Reviewed Please Show Up If You Have An Extra As Part Of Your Day

This really has been a crazy week, I appreciate all the texts and pm’s of support it’s stuff like that keeps us moving forward!!

Just remember we’re all in this together and we’ll get through this together!!