March 21st 2020 Covid 19 Update

Just want to thanks to the many members that have been sending messages of support to the executive board, those messages are very touching and make our day in this very stressful time, I’d like to personally thank everyone for sending them!!

I have very little to report today, unfortunately the province now has 44 cases of Covid 19 and things seem to only be getting worse, if there’s any comfort the new cases are out of Regina.

The emergency conventional operator signup is not ready yet, according to Linus I will have the complete signup up sometime tomorrow, when it’s completed I will post it, right now the plan is to start signing on Monday morning. I will also send out a text message.

We have 18 members on isolation one that’s been tested and awaiting the results and one other waiting to get tested, and most of you saw Travis Murphy was tested and the result came back negative thank goodness for that!!

We have 2 section 3-31’s that have been called the province still hasn’t been in to do its investigation so we’re still waiting.

I know I’ve said this before but stay calm and stay safe people we’ll get through this together!!

Your Executive Board