March 23rd 2020 Covid 19 Update

We are all finished signup for the day we ended on #83 so get ready #84 your up in the morning! I love signup time seeing all my coworkers that I never get to see and having a quick chat which was nice so many of you expressing so much support knowing this is a very trying time for all of us, my favourite comment said to me today was “it’ll be ok” in all this craziness that was so mice to hear.

The cases of Covid 19 grew to 66 today not sure where they all were but Trudeau is throwing out some pretty hard ultimatums stay home or we’ll make you stay home! Don’t be surprised if we aren’t locked down soon! I was in a call today with ATU Canada and all of Ontario will be in 14 day lockdown as of 12:01 tomorrow night.

We’ve had now 4 section 3-31’s called the province still hasn’t came in to investigate, our OHS Committee Chair will be following up with the province tomorrow.

Be safe, be smart and be careful out there and just remember it’ll be ok...

Your Executive Board