March 25th 2020 Covid 19 Update

Signup is continuing into tomorrow we ran into a bit of a road block spoke with Linus we’ll be back up and running in the morning and tomorrow will be the last day!! We stopped at 207 today.

We have had now 5 section 3-31 right to refuse unsafe work called, our OHS Committee finally got a hold of the province and they are saying they’ve only got two people to deal with these concerns and maybe we should try to deal with the employer and come to a reasonable resolve, we’ll try back tomorrow and talk with the OHS officer as we go nowhere with this one.

We are up to 86 cases of Covid 19 and it is now being spread via the community not just from travel, the province has reduced the amount of people in one place to 10.

We should only be carrying 9 passengers maximum on our buses effective immediately, if you get 9 put up bus is full and call a supervisor do not allow anymore on or you could be in violation of the provinces order.

Access Transit is currently going through an emergency signup at the moment, with the reduced service some will be cleaning the buses in order to avoid lay-offs.

I’ve spoken to many of you on the phone in person via text, this is an uncertain, unpredictable and unknown time, things are literally changing day to day and it’s ok to be afraid or upset of all this, but let’s be there for each other as we’ve always been, I’m very proud of our members our executive and all of us pushing forward through all of this,I’m proud to be ATU and I know we’ll get through this together!!

Your Executive Board