March 27th 2020 Covid 19 Update

Conventional emergency signup is completed, Access Transit emergency signup is done, a special thanks to all involved to pull off such a task, we have had zero layoffs yet, we have had several access transit members taking shifts cleaning buses as to avoid any layoffs, this itself is a great success.

We currently have 7 members that have decided to call section 3-31’s we are still patiently awaiting the province to make a call on all 7 complaints.

We have 15 members off on isolation as per 811 and provincial direction two tested and two negative results thank goodness.

Some of you may have seen the email from Jeff Jorgenson telling everyone that we have one city worker infected with Covid 19, just so everyone is aware it is NOT an ATU 615 member nor is it anyone that works within transit.

ATU International hosted a town hall for President Business Agents and between Canada and The United States we have 64 infected operators and as of today 1 death in ATU Local 1576 in Everett Washington Rest In Peace Brother Scott Ryan....

I have done several media interviews this week and have expressed to them all of our concerns conventional and access transit, if you see it out there please share and comment so we can get the message out that our employer is not doing enough to protect us!

I have had members come to me all week with concerns about PPE, the cleanliness of the busses and many other concerns please be assured your concerns are being brought forward, every single one of them and we will not stop until they’ve been addressed!

Please remember we’re all in this together and together as a local we’ll get through this together!!

In Solidarity!! 
You’re Executive Board