May 1st 2020 Covid 19 Update

Well today we had 26 new cases most of those were from the north, the government really needs to get them under control!

Today we were able to finalize a signup for our cleaners from Access which will take place tomorrow Deb Knapik Muzyka will be conducting the signup so expect a call.

We were able to get more disposable masks in everyone’s mail box as well you will find your reusable mask. Access will continue to use the disposable masks, if you run out ask one of the clerks for more.

Re-Open Saskatchewan has prompted the employer to start looking at re-open transit, we will be working with the employer providing input and guidance from the front line workers perspective.
For now everything is status quo.

Conventional Operators Emergency Signup is posted on our website

We will start signing this Friday May 8th, after this signup is done we will be signing a regular summer signup in the case things turn around and we can increase service and get back to normal.

Let’s flatten the curve and get back to some normalcy in our lives, the only way to do that is to continue wearing your PPE.

Your Executive Board