May 27th 2020 Covid 19 Update

Today a report went to council to start front door loading, collecting fares and increasing loads from 9 plus the operator to 14 plus the operator, this was put together to get inline with the provinces announcement of putting phase 3 in place on June 8th.

We spoke with councillors prior to the council meeting this morning giving our concerns in regard to the the proposed plan including the vinyl barriers, passengers wearing masks, front door loading and collecting fares.

We were able to get the message across and into the council meeting on these concerns, multiple councillors questioned transit on getting permanent shields into the buses, transit took the position it’s not in the budget and will cost around a million dollars, a few councillors directed transit to start the process and find the money, we are truly on our way to getting the shields we’ve been advocating for quite some time now, never give up people things are working out.

In the meantime we will have vinyl barriers to keep from having direct contact with the riding public, you will start seeing these being installed this week.

Fare at Conventional and Access Transit will start being collected beginning June 8th. Please use discretion as usual through this beginning period of fare collection.

Customer Service will be getting plexiglass barriers, limited customers in the building. Tony will be at the door making sure the public is limited.

These upcoming weeks will be crucial for all of us to continue to social distance, wear your PPE and most important be supportive of each other as we’re going to get through this together.

Your Executive Board