Vinyl Barrier Information For Tomorrow June 8th 2020

As most of you know the vinyl barrier obstructs your vision on the right passenger side door and mirror, supervisors have been out telling operators that come tomorrow morning if you cant see through your right passenger side to call 104 and they will come out and do the adjusting for you, we have asked 104 and they have not yet been given this information. If you do call 104 please be patient with them these are our brothers and sisters they are just doing as directed, if they don't they could be disciplined for insubordination.

As a Certified Professional Bus Operator we agreed to a Code Of Conduct:

Shall strive to consistently follow the highest ethical, moral, and legal standards of professional conduct.

Shall recognize the responsibility for Public safety and protection of the environment through the use of sound operational practices in the conduct and representation of work undertaken, Provincial, and Municipal laws, regulations, and requirements related to the conduct of business activities

Shall not knowingly permit any property including, but not limited to, premises, vehicles, and equipment in his/her care to be used for unlawful, immoral, or unauthorized purposes

Shall commit to the values of respect for human dignity and human rights

Shall not undertake or commit to perform services for which we/he/she are/is not qualified and/or reasonably competent

Shall treat information obtained in the course of business as confidential, and avoid or disclose any conflict of interest that might influence personal actions or judgments

Shall not represent or engage in personal activities which could reasonably be seen to diminish or conflict with the best interests of Industry professionalism, including Accreditation and Certification designations

The Highway Traffic Safety Act States:
Obstructing driver’s view prohibited 246(1) 
No person shall drive a vehicle on a highway unless the driver has a clear view of the highway to the front and to both sides of the vehicle.

Right to Refuse
You have the right to refuse to do any specific job or task which you have reasonable grounds to believe is unusually dangerous. The danger may be to you or to any other person. An unusual danger could include:
A danger that is not normal for the job (e.g., repairing a roof in dangerous winds);
A danger that would normally stop work (e.g., operating a forklift with a flat tire); or
A situation for which you are not properly trained, equipped, or experienced to do the work assigned (e.g., cleaning windows on a tall building with no fall protection equipment or training).
You cannot be fired or disciplined for using this right. Occupational Health and Safety provides procedures to be followed when refusing.
Steps for Refusing Unusually Dangerous Work
If your supervisor/employer asks you to perform a specific job or task that you have grounds to believe is unusually dangerous, follow these steps:
Tell your employer/supervisor that you are refusing work because of a health or safety concern.
Do not leave the worksite without your employer's permission.
Contact your occupational health committee (OHC) or OHS representative if you cannot resolve the concern with the employer/supervisor.
Your OHC will investigate the refusal, meet and vote to determine if you have reasonable grounds to refuse the work. (The vote must be unanimous for or against the refusal.).
If the concern cannot be resolved within your workplace, contact an occupational health officer at the Occupational Health and Safety Division.
The officer will investigate the refusal and rule on the matter.
Your place of employment may have its own procedures for refusing unusually dangerous work. Ask your occupational health committee, occupational health and safety representative, and/or union steward for information.

Tyson Materi Lorraine Robles Stevie Hopkins Ferencs Kovacs are all OHS Reps on the Operations Side.

If you have a bus that does not have a vinyl barrier we are to continue with rear door loading.

If 104 comes out and cannot adjust the vinyl barrier so your vision isn't obstructed you have the right to refuse unsafe work, please report the unsafe work to a supervisor immediately and fill out an OHS Report keep a copy for yourself.

If the supervisor removes the barrier and asks you to continue on, you will need to do rear door loading.

Do not remove or adjust the Vinyl Barrier yourself as this has the potential for disciplinary action.

Remember to wear your PPE we need to stay healthy and safe!!!

Your Executive Board