Bus stabbing on Saskatoon Transit reflects overall increase in ‘negative interactions’

By Brody Langeger - Global News 

A passenger was stabbed on a Saskatoon Transit bus Wednesday near the intersection of Broadway Avenue and 12th Street East.

Saskatoon police say an 18-year-old man was transported to the hospital in stable condition.

Saskatoon Transit said the transit operator wasn’t injured, but post-incident support is available to employees.

“An increase in negative incidents on public transit is a Canada-wide issue,” Saskatoon Transit said.

Saskatoon Transit recorded 124.5 negative interactions per one million rides this year.

It said negative interactions include incidents involving intoxication, verbal altercations, aggression, assaults, bodily fluid, harassment, fare disputes and road rage.

“Since negative interactions began to rise, uniformed Saskatoon Transit supervisors have been riding on routes, which have greater frequency of negative interactions. Last month, more than 100 supervisor ride-alongs were performed across the Transit system.”

Saskatoon Transit also pointed to the Saskatoon Fire Department and Commissionaires, saying that an enhanced community support officer program was being implemented by the fire department this summer and that increased security patrols were recently added to the Downtown Transit Terminal, Market Mall and Confederation terminals.