Saskatoon to expand Bus Rapid Transit system as population grows

The City of Saskatoon is expanding its Bus Rapid Transit system after receiving full funding from both the federal and provincial governments.

According to a release, the two new lines will help Saskatoon Transit support the city’s continued growth while making transit a more convenient for all.

Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark said this news is huge as the city has been preparing for Bus Rapid Transit or BRT since 2016.

What this does is it gives the confirmation and funding approval for the entire BRT network,” Clark said.

“As we are seeing, the busses are overcrowded right now or they’re facing a lot of pressure on our system. We have an outdated transit system that (was) really was designed for a smaller city.”

According to a release from the province, the two new BRT corridors with bus stations will run along the routes. The Red Line will run east to west, while the Blue Line will run north to south.

The transit system will not be fully operational until 2027 as construction will be begin this year.