Covid 19

The cases of Covid have been up and down this week but mostly down and it looks like the north has things under control.

May 15th 2020 Covid 19 Update

Today there was 8 new cases today all of them in the north, let’s hope this gets under control and quickly for the north.

We tested the barriers out yesterday I was pretty surprised with the quality and the ease of use, we confirmed today that 150 were ordered and should start showing up next week and installation will begin as soon as they arrive.

A second cloth mask should’ve been put in all the conventional operators mailboxes, maintenance and customer service are being dispersed by the section managers.

Very important we need to know every single issue your having on the bus because of lack of supervisors, we need to know about drunks,trouble makers, joy riders and any issue that you had on the bus, starting now!! The employer is saying very minimal issues are being reported and they cant support putting more supervisors on at night to provide support to the operators.

 Tested out the new vinyl barrier today, with any luck they’ll be starting to be installed by the end of next week, I drove the bus myself and have to say they actually did a pretty good job it blocks off the driver area floor to ceiling and is far back enough from the windshield that it doesn’t obscure your vision when looking at your passenger side mirror, as well looking through the vinyl toward the door is surprisingly clear as well, the material is pretty heavy duty.

The cases in the north slowly seem to be getting under control let’s hope this continues.

Talked with transit about the reopen Saskatoon transit plan, it goes in steps that will be determined by city council in a report that should be going in-front of council May 25th, it includes vinyl barriers, limited loads, reintroducing fare and no mask no ride.

We will be taking a look at the vinyl barrier prototype that’s been installed on one of our buses tomorrow, I’ll try to get some pictures and post them.

13 more cases all in the north, let’s hope the numbers in the north keep declining it seems they’re 3-4 weeks behind where we’re at, if they keep at it they’ll be able to flatten the curve!

Cleaners signup begins this Sunday so you’ll start seeing some new faces around, we also have more cupe members coming on board to provide more cleaning at more places, I’d personally like to thank all the cleaners this is such a great thing your doing for all of us out driving we really appreciate it!

Today there was 25 more cases all in the north except one and an outbreak at meadow lake hospital I sure hope they get this under control like us here in Saskatoon.

Today we met with management again and discussed several issues, the first being barriers SGI has concluded that vinyl type barriers are acceptable to be installed in the buses, the employer has requested quotes and we’ll keep the pressure on so we have these installed ASAP, we also discussed NO MASK NO RIDE, the employer is putting together a proposal to city council along with our input including NO MASK NO RIDE.

Today there was 34 new cases, 29 of those were from the north and only 1 from Saskatoon, it’s great to see Saskatoon with so very few cases, but this government needs to get the situation in the north sorted or they’ll be in big trouble up there.

The cleaners signup was finished up on the weekend there was a few bumps in the road but they go through it, you may start seeing some new faces in the downtown terminal, make sure you thank them for all the hard work they’re doing to keep us safe.