Covid 19

We had 4 new cases but the recoveries are increasing steadily, let’s keep flattening the curve!

The employer didn’t have much for updates today but we talked with the employer on a few items:

The cloth masks should be arriving in the next few days and will be available at dispatch, I’ll let everyone know when we have them available.

1 new case and a bunch of recoveries this is definitely going in the right direction!

We spoke to the employer about a few things that have come up:

We suggested they use our Relief Supervisors to help with the “joy riders” after a difference of opinion on a few issues we’ll follow up with them tomorrow, we also suggested bringing up the Access Transit supervisors that are at home during this time we were told they’re being given other duties, we’ll be pushing this with the city manager on Thursday.

One new case and one presumptive along with nine recoveries things keep looking up! Let’s keep staying inside doing Netflix and Quarantine!!

A few quick updates:

Cloth masks will start showing up this week keep using your disposable masks and let’s try to stretch out there life typically they last 8 hours but if they aren’t damaged you can get up to 16 hours out of them.

1 new case of Covid today things keep looking pretty good for flattening the curve!

As many of you know Cupe59 members have been cleaning our buses, well that’s great but some of our members have been getting less work hours than the Cupe59 members causing hardship to our own members we are currently working on an MOA with the City and Cupe59 to ensure our members get the work first including first choice of work area and first to get OT, we need to look out for our members first but welcome the work the Cupe59 members are doing, we’re hoping to get that wrapped up by next week.

Well today it was reported that there was only 3 new cases and recoveries are rising, great stuff, let’s keep it going!

We continued discussions with the employer today with concerns that have come up, they had very few updates for us:

Those that are cleaning have asked for suits to clean in all transit has is the plastic suits that the painters use and they get hot very fast so they agreed to start signing out coveralls for anyone that’s cleaning that wants them.

Looks like we’re on the right track here with only 1 new case and the recoveries increasing daily!

Currently we have 7 members on isolation/quarantine with more returning to work and 3 more tested with negative results thank god for that!

We continued discussions with the employer on concerns that have come up.

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend social distancing away from family and friends, the increase in cases and recoveries seem to have been getting better let’s hope we’re flattening the curve!

Dear Brother and Sisters 

Out of the safety and concerns of our membership, the Union with approval of its Executive Board and with the recommendation of the International President has decided to cancel our regular scheduled general membership union meeting on April 15, 2020.

In Solidarity

Your Executive Board