Covid 19

March 30th 2020 Covid 19 Update

Last week was pretty crazy, emergency signup, lots of members brining up concerns, media calling nonstop, but we got through it!

Conventional emergency signup is completed, Access Transit emergency signup is done, a special thanks to all involved to pull off such a task, we have had zero layoffs yet, we have had several access transit members taking shifts cleaning buses as to avoid any layoffs, this itself is a great success.

We currently have 7 members that have decided to call section 3-31’s we are still patiently awaiting the province to make a call on all 7 complaints.

We have 15 members off on isolation as per 811 and provincial direction two tested and two negative results thank goodness.

Signup is continuing into tomorrow we ran into a bit of a road block spoke with Linus we’ll be back up and running in the morning and tomorrow will be the last day!! We stopped at 207 today.

We have had now 5 section 3-31 right to refuse unsafe work called, our OHS Committee finally got a hold of the province and they are saying they’ve only got two people to deal with these concerns and maybe we should try to deal with the employer and come to a reasonable resolve, we’ll try back tomorrow and talk with the OHS officer as we go nowhere with this one.

We are all finished signup for the day we ended on #83 so get ready #84 your up in the morning! I love signup time seeing all my coworkers that I never get to see and having a quick chat which was nice so many of you expressing so much support knowing this is a very trying time for all of us, my favourite comment said to me today was “it’ll be ok” in all this craziness that was so mice to hear.

Been pretty quiet today except for the new cases of Covid 19 bringing us to a provincial total of 52, not sure where the new cases are but the total keeps growing.

The conventional emergency signup is posted on our website at

Just want to thanks to the many members that have been sending messages of support to the executive board, those messages are very touching and make our day in this very stressful time, I’d like to personally thank everyone for sending them!!

I have very little to report today, unfortunately the province now has 44 cases of Covid 19 and things seem to only be getting worse, if there’s any comfort the new cases are out of Regina.

Some Route 13’s and 17’s will be taken off the road, those operators that have a 13 or 17 as part or all of your work you will be given either a standby if it’s just a portion of your day, if the work is your entire day you will be given a spareboard window within your time frame so you still need to report as per your current work.


17- 3, 17-5, 17-6, 17-7 are cancelled
17-1, 17-2 are still in service
13-4, 13-5, 13-6 are cancelled
13-1, 13-2, 13-3 are not cancelled

I’d like to thank the executive board who have been very supportive through all this, we’ve had several meetings with the employer and our international rep.

We were able to convince the employer to allow those that have masks to wear masks as long as they don’t obstruct your vision, as well to minimize the loads the buses carry to 50% of the seated capacity, a new law has been put in place so make sure you are not carrying more than 25 people including yourself within the bus at any given time.