Covid 19

In discussions with the employer the decision has been made to enter and exit the bus from the rear door only starting Friday

This has been a very trying week for myself and your executive board, on top of doing everything we can for the members in these days of uncertainty we are also trying to keep a balance and keep our families calm and taken care of as well as yourselves thank you for your patience as we are trying to address everyone’s concerns throughout all this.

Another update on the Covid 19 pandemic, we have spoken with the employer on numerous items including blocking off the seats behind the operators on the novas, back door entry, free bus rides and bringing in more supplies.

The employer has agreed to start roping off the seats behind the operators starting today, back door entry is being contemplated still, free rides will more than likely go along with that as there is no way to enforce fares once we start loading through the back doors.

Dear Brother and Sisters,

Out of the safety and concerns of our membership, the Union with approval of its Executive Board and with the recommendation of the International President has decided to cancel our regular scheduled general membership union meetings on March 18, 2020.


We had discussions with the employer today in regard to Covid 19 virus and many of our concerns. We discussed closing off the front seat around the operator, loading from the back door, the possibility of free rides, education of the public in regard to social distancing and hovering the bus pass when entering the bus, as well we spoke of the close contact Access Operators have when loading and unloading clients.

ATU 615 has been in contact with the employer and have discussed the most recent developments with Covid 19 and such things as the schools closing, the lack of work for some of our members at Access Transit, how those that have children will care for their children with the schools and daycare centres closing, right now we don’t have clear answers to any of this from the employer, but have requested that the options the employer is looking at have ATU 615 input.