Covid 19

Well today we had 26 new cases most of those were from the north, the government really needs to get them under control!

Today we were able to finalize a signup for our cleaners from Access which will take place tomorrow Deb Knapik Muzyka will be conducting the signup so expect a call.

We were able to get more disposable masks in everyone’s mail box as well you will find your reusable mask. Access will continue to use the disposable masks, if you run out ask one of the clerks for more.

Today we had 6 new cases only two were from Saskatoon so we’re holding strong let’s keep this going!

Well in saskatoon we had 1 more case, but up north and in Loyd they had a total of 16 new cases let’s hope they get these under control and maintained.

We got another shipment of masks in from our donor who told us more should be coming in a couple weeks, we’re very thankful for these donations!

The employer ordered reusable/washable masks that should be in by Friday.

We had one new case in the Regina area today, let’s hope this keeps up and we’re keep having good days like this!

We spent most of the afternoon discussing the voluntary layoffs, redeployment and putting together an MOA and going back and forth on the wording, nothing has been signed off or agreed to yet, I know the employer didn’t like some of our asks but we’ll see where this ends up.

There was 12 more cases and a death today, 11 of those cases were in the far north as well as the death was an 80 year old elder, let’s hope the government can get a handle on this and quickly!

The employer didn’t have much for an update today we did speak about the fit for duty form and how that works, they didn’t have many answers for the questions we have hopefully we’ll get some answers at our next meeting, they did think the forms would start sometime this week, we suggested they hold off until we have answers to our questions.

There was 10 new cases reported today and my understanding is that most of them are from a nursing home in the north, let’s hope they get it contained and everyone is all right.

A couple quick updates:

If your bus isn’t getting cleaned by the DT cleaners, or you might want to get an area cleaned where someone was coughing or sneezing or maybe your doing a seat slide and you would like a quick wipe down, the DT cleaning crew will have a radio and they’ll be on Charter 1 so give them a call if you need to.

Today we got news from Scott Moe that there’ll be 5 phases to opening up the province again, 1st phase will be May 4th, 2nd phase May 19th the last 3 phases TBD, while this sounds promising is it too early? I guess time will tell....

We all heard Scott Moe saying in tonight’s message we will be reopening Saskatchewan but doing it slowly and it sounded like it was going to come slowly in phases starting sometime in May, we still need to be cautious and continue with what we’re doing so don’t let your guard down there was 6 more cases today.

We had some discussions again today with the employer on some of the issues that have been coming up.